Pixie Escape Spell Game: IR LED Arduino Project

The design of the game was inspired by the IR reflector wands recently released at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Guests can purchase these wands and look for special plaques on the ground indicating that they can use their wand to interact with the environment. They can then move the wand in a particular pattern corresponding to a spell, which results in a fixed reaction, such as a water fountain turning on or a suit of armor fixing itself.

The “Pixie Escape Spell Game” is a prototype of an IR LED “wand” interacting with an IR sensor/RGB LED pair (sensor package) mounted in the environment (a piece of cardboard). It acts as a proof of concept for increasing spontaneous environmental interaction in theme parks through the aid of sensor packages. This sensor package would allow multiple guests to interact at once, instead of limiting guests to waiting in a line for the spell-casting plaque to become free. Programmed in Arduino. [Fall 2015]

Code posted on my github.

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