Modular LED Rose Bracelet

A modular LED flower bracelet. The flower is attached to the bracelet base via metal snaps, which are also part of the circuit.

One lead of the LED passes through the center of the flower and is soldered to the snap there, and the other goes through the side of the flower and through the center of the leaf. The leaf has a whole on the bottom so the snap can be soldered to the wire as part of the circuit. On the top of the band there is an indentation with another snap where the leaf can be snapped in place, completing the circuit and lighting up the LED. So the leaf acts as the switch.

A CR2032 3V battery (you can find them at the dollar store) is stored inside the band, and is covered up by a plastic cover which is also attached via snaps. The bracelet has slits on either side to allow you to attach a band. In this case I used lace. Due to the modular design you could design your own light up attachment and add it to the bracelet via snaps.

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