Location Independent Interactive Glove

Enchant is an adrenalin filled tactical game in which players wear a device on their arm and set off to find their designated opponent to engage in virtual battles, much like Pokémon GO. The program interacts with the user via vibrations for various alerts, such as when an opponent has entered the vicinity. As the main character, the player acts as the ‘superhero’ and has the power to decide whether to defend or attack. What follows is an intense battle of the wits to determine the victor, while the loser would lose health as well as their ‘superhero ranking’ on the leaderboard.

Communication between devices was achieved with a radio transceiver, and processing conducted on an Arduino mounted on the forearm for prototype purposes. Other sensors integrated include flex sensors, a haptic motor, NeoPixel LED Ring, and green LEDs. [Fall 2015]

Code posted on my github.

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