Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes that can easily be made gluten-free, that pack a whopping 18 grams of protein and 9.6 grams of fiber into one serving!

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I have a favorite pancake recipe on, and though it’s reasonable, it isn’t super healthy. I have no issue with having normal pancakes for breakfast, but sometimes I want the heartiness of protein, fiber, and oats. So I researched a few recipes and combined my favorite elements to make these healthy vegan protein pancakes. Sadly they won’t be super fluffy, but they had the right amount of sweetness for my taste. Yet again, these will appeal more to those who are accustomed to lower sugar levels in their food and who like the taste of healthier food. But for being healthy, it tastes pretty good!

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes
Fluffy pancake batter.


Yes, this recipe is vegan! I didn’t go out of the way at all to make it vegan. I decided on a flaxseed egg instead of a traditional egg because of the added dietary fiber it would provide. I also prefer almond milk over traditional milk (my stomach sometimes doesn’t like milk, so I’ve switched to almond milk.) My favorite protein powder: MRM Vanilla Veggie Protein, also happens to be vegan! So I didn’t have to make any substitutions that would affect nutrition or taste to make this vegan.


Here are my recommendations for making the recipe in the future. The sodium content is higher than I’d like at 810mg for 3.5 pancakes (one serving). To remedy this, decrease to 1/8 tsp salt. The baking soda is another sodium culprit. Baking soda does add a nice taste and is a leavening ingredient, but I’d decrease to 1/4 tsp.

Note that the fats included are healthy fats, primarily due to the flaxseed meal. As such I consider the fat content per serving to be good.

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes
Cooking the first side of the pancake.

Gluten-Free Version

Simply replace the 2 Tbl. flour with 2 Tbl. oat flour. Make sure that the rolled oats you choose are gluten free (not all are).

Oat Flour

To make your own oat flour, simply grind rolled oats in a food processor until it becomes a fine powder. For this recipe, make sure to measure the oats after they’ve been ground up.


Combining the almond milk with apple cider vinegar sours it, acting as a DIY version of buttermilk, but without the dairy. It takes 5-10 minutes for the souring to occur. So don’t be alarmed when pouring the soured almond milk if it seems slightly lumpy, that’s just part of the process!

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes: Flavor

These are on the moister, hearty side, with enough sweetness from the banana that you don’t need to use syrup. My mother described it as a healthy oat muffin in pancake form, but still moist. It won’t be as light as traditional pancakes, but normal pancakes don’t have 18 grams of protein and 9.6 grams of fiber per serving! So though these may not be photogenic, your stomach, body, and metabolism will love my healthy vegan protein pancakes!

Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes

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