Healthy Chicken Marsala

Healthy Chicken Marsala with Plenty of Mushrooms

Healthy chicken marsala recipe using plenty of mushrooms, but less heavy cream to produce a lighter meal. Cook during the weekend for leftovers all week!

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I haven’t posted new recipes in a while, but I have been cooking quite a lot. I have very high standards for myself, and have only wanted to post recipes that were the best I’ve ever tasted. Maybe a little unrealistic… At any rate, this healthy chicken marsala recipe ranks very high on the taste index. The chicken was amazingly moist and for once I cooked it to perfection! The original healthy chicken marsala recipe was from Pinch of Yum but I modified it based on my preferences.

A few years ago I was a bit obsessed with finding the best chicken marsala at restaurants. I think I deemed Macaroni Grill’s as my favorite. It’s been a while. However, when I tried to make it myself, I was but a whee freshman in college who didn’t have much experience cooking with chicken. I pounded the heck out of that chicken, scaring my family in the other room with my violence, and it turned out quite dry. Thank you family for eating it anyway! So I was a bit apprehensive to try it again even though I have much more experience. So. Worth. It.



First, based on the flavor of chicken marsala, which is a combination of the marsala wine and juices excreted by the mushrooms, I didn’t think that the acidity of tomatoes would lend well to the recipe, which is what the Pinch of Yum recipe calls for. So I nixed that.

Choosing Your Chicken

I bought thin sliced boneless skinless chicken breast from Trader Joe’s to decrease the time spent beating it thin. I prefer my chicken to be 1/2 to 3/4″ thick after the pounding. I’m not sure if I just lucked out with the quality of the chicken, or if there’s something special about the thin sliced version at Trader Joe’s, but it was much more moist than other times I’ve cooked chicken. To be fair, I don’t typically flour my bread before cooking it (I just sautee it straight in the pan).

Summary: Good quality chicken is important (Sprouts sometimes has theirs on sale for less than $2/lb)


Other Notes

Mushrooms reduce by a lot, so if you love them, add more than the 20 oz. I included in the ingredient list (that’s the same as two bags of sliced crimini mushrooms from Trader Joe’s).

Most of the prep time is taken up from washing mushrooms and the time spent removing the fat from the chicken breasts (I’m very thorough).

Enjoy and comment on my healthy chicken marsala recipe!

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