cranberry yogurt scones

Cranberry Yogurt Scones

Healthy cranberry yogurt scones sweetened with bananas and using 0% Greek yogurt. Only 108 calories per scone! Try them with jam on top.

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During my weekend baking I try to use up any produce that is perfectly ripe. This week it was an extra banana. I could have just sliced it up and frozen it for a smoothie, but I’ve been having omelettes in the morning more often than protein shakes, so I thought cranberry yogurt scones would be a better idea.

I thought it would be nice to find a scone recipe and replace whatever sugar or sweetener was used with the banana and see how it turned out. This recipe was adapted from Diethood, but I replaced some of the ingredients with what I had handy. I have to say, it turned out amazing! I may have already eaten a few with some strawberry jam on top. And it’s pretty darn healthy too! I call this modification a success!

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