Engineering and Physics Portfolio

Location Independent Interactive Glove
Mechanical Flower
Interaction Design Analysis for Enchant
IR Blink Sensor for City of Hope Research Hospital
DynaRoll Educational Construction Toy
Hogwarts Browser Game
Pixie Escape Spell Game: IR LED Arduino Project
Modular LED Rose Bracelet
My Recipe Box iOS App
Harry Potter Prolog Text Adventure Game
Manufacturing Company Improvement Report
Determining Whale Bearings from Acoustic Data
Interaction Design Analysis of Liverpool Street Station
Quantum Coherence in Photosynthesis
Engineering Management Company Improvement Recommendations
Grounding and Conversation Analysis
Driver Interaction Ethnographic Study
Solenoid Water Sampler
Tilted Conveyor Design
Analog and Digital Filter for 100Hz Pulse Train
Quantum Key Distribution
Crikee & Cage
Miniature Cupped Hands
Princess Anna Coronation Necklace
Pencil Sharpener Analysis and Design Recommendations
Analysis of Communication on Twitter
Shadow Band Simulations
Rutherford Scattering
Tube Diameter vs. Laminar Flow