About Me


Doing a photo-shoot for my photography class.
Doing a photo-shoot for my photography class.

Hi! My name’s Nicole, and I’m a recently graduated engineer. I studies abroad in┬áLondon during the Fall 2015 semester, which changed my life! This website was born from my combined love of the sciences and crafting. In my quest for knowledge about all the things, I’ve realized how there is a barrier to entry for most subjects. There is endless information on the internet, but it can be difficult to find a starting point.

Dash of Pixie Dust is here to provide an introduction on subjects, enough so that you can continue self-learning with more tools at your disposal. I’ll provide How-To pages for subjects I’ve dabbled with, and then a sample project that you can either create yourself or simply read about to understand applications of this knowledge.

The second purpose of the site is to provide an index of fresh, healthy recipes, including desserts. I love baking and experimenting, and want to share the results with you.

A little more about me…

In college I designed my own major. It’s a combination of Engineering, Physics, and Design, which stemmed from my passion for wearable technology and interaction design. That means my room is a┬ácombination of crocheted stuffed animals, breadboards and electronics, and physics problem sets.

When I’m not updating my website, I’m probably searching for new healthy recipes and cooking them up in my kitchen. My mother quite enjoys the benefits of my cooking obsession.