Winnie the Pooh Crocheted Tsum Tsum

As I’m getting more into the summer routine, and trying to force myself to take a break and recover from that whole college experience, I’ve gotten back into crocheting. As usual I’m focusing a bit on Disney characters, and this post is dedicated to the adorable Tsum Tsums and my Winnie the Pooh crocheted Tsum Tsum.

Tsum Tsums are cylindrical shaped Disney plushes that can be stacked on one another, and originated in the Disney Tsum Tsum app, where you connect like Tsums to clear the board. During a recent trip to Toys R Us (Yes, I do visit every once and a while to stay up to date on the current doll and franchising trends and which manufacturers are picking up certain IP. I’m a nerd) I discovered vinyl Tsum Tsum blind bags that came with a mystery tsum and an accessory. And one of the mystery Tsums was Ariel. So I had to find her. Luckily you can feel the shape of the accessories through the plastic packaging and can get a good estimate of which character is inside. Also, for $2.99 it’s not a bad mini-obsession to have. Note that stores like F.Y.E. and Hot Topic sell these for much more ($5-$7 per bag), so stick to Toys R Us if you’re interested in them.

My mom and I found a Cinderella, which was cute enough that we decided to purchase. Then I made a best guess on a bag with an Ariel. Turns out I was wrong. But I did get Suzy the Mouse, meaning I now had two Tsums from the same movie!


At this point I was hooked, so I looked up other Toys R Us locations, and one of them had 6 boxes full of the blind bags. So like the little nerd I am I sat in the aisle and felt as many as I could to determine if there was an Ariel, who at this point I realized is actually quite rare. I found a Sven, and decided to get him as a consolation prize.


Now here’s where the crocheting comes in. While I was looking for new patterns, I happened across a Tsum Tsum pattern. So I made a Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum! It was a good first attempt, though I think I’ll make the stitches a bit tighter in the future. I’m also learning how amazing good quality ergonomic crochet needles are. I have a G Hook like that, but the one I used for Pooh was just the normal metal type, and I could feel the difference. My hands ached much more without the more ergonomic one. If you’d like to make your own, I got the pattern from My Backyard Monsters here.

PoohFront Winnie the Pooh Crocheted Tsum Tsum

Though I’m quite critical of my work, I’d say overall it turned out pretty well. Here’s a picture of the plush version you can purchase in the store for comparison.


Now back for my search for Ariel. My mom and I wandered into a Toys R Us Express store, hoping they might have a box of the blind bags. At first look, they didn’t, but then we found them hiding at the cash register. The cashier had an amused look on his face as we started to feel the packages to find Ariel. The first one my mom picked up she gave to me, saying she thought it was Ariel. I felt it, and agreed. So we purchased it and the suspense grew as we attempted to open it. It’s really difficult to rip the package open, scissors are necessary, so the cashier helped us out. And guess what? It was Ariel!!!! Yay, my search is over!!!

Tsum Tsum


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