DIY Dorm Room Decorations

Before tearing down all my DIY dorm room decorations and moving out, I decided to document my room for posterity. And nostalgia for the good ‘ole college days. Freshman and Sophomore year I kept wanting to super decorate my room. I’ve always wanted to build a dream room that looks a little like a tree house, with one of the bed posts shaped like a tree trunk in the corner of the room that doubles as shelving. Junior year I started on my decorations, and this year was a variation on the same decorations. So let me walk you through my room and give you tips on how to decorate your dorm!

DIY Dorm Room Decorations

DIY dorm room decorations

I placed my bed against the window because there’s a nice 6 inch shelf there that I can set my cell phone, or even laptop, on before going to sleep.

Tree Trunk

Last year I built a fake tree trunk using a tall vent pipe from OSH. I used paper towels dipped in glue to papier mache it to create a woody texture, and then painted the whole thing. It’s very light, but awkward to carry.

 Blue Flowers

On the wall by the tree trunk I created some blue flowers as DIY dorm room decorations with different colored cardstock. I cut out a template from here. After cutting a bunch of flowers in different colors, roll each petal around a pencil to create the curve and 3D effect. Then use tacky glue to secure a plastic gem in the center of the flower. I put these on the wall using cut up poster mounts, which won’t rip of the paint and cause dorm damages.

Vine Canopy

I went to the silk flower district in LA and bought a bunch of Ivy Vines. Then I purchased curtain fairy lights from Amazon, similar to the ones here, that I folded in half lengthwise so that there were more strands per inch. They have 8 different twinkle functions. I used paper clips to attach a vine in between each strand of lights, so that when it’s hung from the ceiling, it looks like twinkling fairy lights in between leaves. I used command hooks to hang them from the walls, though I highly recommend something sturdier like nails if it’s your house.

Perimeter Lights

My mom bought me some long large bulbed LED christmas lights that I strung around the perimeter of my room twice. They helped to provide much more even lighting in my room than the overhead light, and it was softer on the eyes at nighttime so that I could get ready for bed and not wake up from blinding lights.

Flower Light Strand

So you could buy flower fairy lights that are not that long for a ridiculous sum. Or….you could buy christmas lights on super sale after Christmas, find a large bag of silk flowers at the Salvation Army for $5, and make one yourself! It was really easy. You just pull the silk flower petals off the plastic stem (it’s held on by a little cap in the center of the flower). Then use scissors to enlarge the hole in the center of each ring of petals so that it will fit over the bulb. Pull the petals on the lights, and voila, you’re done! I decided on a draping pattern since I already had the perimeter LED lights.

DIY dorm room decorations

“Always” Sign

I’m a Harry Potter fan, and an Alan Rickman fan, so I made this at the beginning of the semester when he passed away. I just found a font that I liked, printed it out very large on multiple sheets of paper, cut out the letters, and used them as stencils for sturdier colored paper. Tape together, place on the wall with blue tape, and you’re done!

Other Decorations

You can’t quite see it, but I had some paint-by-number Disney Frozen pieces hung up in dollar store frames above my whiteboard to the right. I had to add some Disney flair to my room. Then of course there are my plush animals. I already had my giant Ariel, and then I added my crocheted amigurumi as I finished them up (you probably recognize them from my previous post).


As you can see, it’s quite easy to make DIY dorm room decorations. Just combine a bit of creativity, add in the medium of your choice, and use wall safe adhesives and you’re good to go!


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