Rise of the Crocheted Disney Amigurumi

Why hello there! It’s been a while. But now that the end of the semester is nearing, either:

A. I’ll be better about updating new content
B. You’ll get a flurry of posts in a week, radio silence for a month, then another flurry of posts.

At any rate, I finally got around to taking photos of some crocheted Disney amigurumi that I’ve madeĀ in the past few months. I discovered that an excellent way to pass the time during engineering seminar (while still listening, the talks are interesting) is to crochet! And of course I must crochet Disney characters. So let me introduce Ariel, Eve, and Belle!

Crocheted Disney Amigurumi

I used this pattern to crochet Belle.

crocheted Disney amigurumi
A cute plush Belle that is very top heavy. Look at the size of her head compared to her body!

I modified an Ariel pattern I found online, and added a crochet flower that I bought from Joann Fabrics. I’d love to tell you how I modified it…but I don’t remember. It was kind of an on the fly let’s-get-it-done-no-matter-how-sketchy method. It was really interesting, and difficult, trying to stylize her hair and then secure it so it stayed in that position. I started Ariel when I was in London, and finished her up on the plane ride home. I’m pretty sure I traumatized the two pre-teen boys sitting next to me during the flight by stabbing her scalp with a crochet hook to add the hair….

My favorite character to crochet so far! No, she can't stand up, but I propped her up for the photo.
My favorite character to crochet so far! No, she can’t stand up, but I propped her up for the photo.

I actually started Eve a few years back but didn’t finish her until a few months ago. She turned out super adorable! Here’s the pattern.

Eve is tiny and super adorable.
Eve is tiny and super adorable.

As you can tell I’m a bit obsessed with Disney, so expect more crocheted Disney amigurumi in the future!


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