Logbook #3

Travel News

How far did I travel this week?Truthfully I didn’t travel very far. The furthest I traveled was to Balham in South London, about a 40-minute Tube ride from my university, to housesit with my friend.

How far have I traveled on this journey so far?Same as before. The furthest I’ve traveled was to and from North Wales.

How did I get around this week?This week I mostly used the Tube and walked places. To get to my friend’s relative’s house, we took a National Rail train, but other than that I rely on Tube for longer distances, and walking for shorter distances.

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?London Liverpool Street Station! I had a homework assignment where I needed to take notes on how people interacted with one another and with the ticket machines. It was fascinating people watching for hours. There’s so much you don’t notice unless you pause yourself like that and look closer. So many people used their smartphones to check information against the giant sign listing the train schedule. Others walked their bikes through the station.

Other Travel News from this week:I learned that big holidays make public transportation a mess. A week ago Saturday night, there were huge fireworks for Bonfire Night near Queen Mary University of London. I was coming home for the evening through Mile End Station, the closest Tube station to my flat. I exited the underground train, and I could barely move on the platform. It was packed! There was a huge line to just get out of the station, and the roads had lots of traffic cops and fences along the sidewalks. I guess fireworks make people pretty rowdy!

Nature News

How was the weather this week?The weather has gone pretty crazy. We had freak weather conditions on Friday. With no notice, ten-minute long windstorms started and ended. Then it was sunny, then half an hour later it was raining. We even got emails from the university telling us to shut our windows because of the crazy wind, rain, and sun combination. In general, it’s been pretty windy.

What animals did I see this week? Early last week I helped a friend housesit for her family. They have two cats and a dog. One of the cats really liked me and curled up next to me when I took a nap. My cat back home is way more of a diva. He *lets* you pet him when he feels like it. Otherwise he bites you. This was a nice change of pace.

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?I’ve got to say the crazy weather on Friday. It really messed with my mood, but it was nice curling up with a blanket, safe and sound while watching the wind pick up outside my window.

Other Nature News from this week
With all the rain, public transportation gets a little more dangerous. With all the foot traffic going in and out of Tube stations, the stairs get really wet. Many times there will be huge crowds shoving down the stairs, so when it rains you have to be really careful to keep your footing. Luckily I haven’t slipped or tripped due to the weather…yet. Thank goodness I brought my rain boots!

Lifestyle News

What was the best meal this week?
I made a delicious smoked salmon cream cheese wrap with sprouts and cucumber in a whole wheat tortilla. It was really refreshing! I don’t eat out much because I love cooking, it saves money, and it’s a lot healthier.

What music did I listen to this week?I’ve been listening to a lot of Hozier. The friend I housesat with likes to play Hozier¬†all the time. I don’t know how to describe his music. It’s very soulful, with a deep beat. A bit alternative. Just YouTube him!

What activity was the most fun this week?Last Sunday I got to see Bonfire Night fireworks with my friend’s family! We went to a community center near their apartment, and they were shooting off fireworks in the sports field. It seemed a little dangerous to me, as I’m used to strict firework regulations in California, but they were spectacular!

Bonfire Night is technically on the 5th of November, remembering the day Guy Fawkes failed to blow up Parliament hundreds of years ago, but many large fireworks happen during the closest weekend to that date.

What did I read this week?I’ve been doing a lot of research into a possible Disneyland Paris trip, so I’ve been reading lots of hotel reviews and train schedules as I try to figure out what’s the most affordable way to make this trip happen!

What games or sports did I play this week?My friend got me to play the video game ‘Left For Dead’. I’m not really a shooter-game girl, but shooting zombies was pretty fun. I just feel bad that I kept accidentally shooting my friend in the game (we were on the same team).

Other news from this week:I need to mention the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris this past Friday. Five coordinated shooting and bombing incidents happened within 15 minutes of one another, killing at least 129 people and critically wounding another 100. Articles about it are all over the internet. As a study abroad student in Europe, it was scary because a lot of my friends traveled this past week, and one of them was only 2.5 miles away from the attack. Luckily she’s safe, but it’s insane that this happened.


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