All the Clubs!

Yet again I have shirked from my blogging duties. I see how it’s going to be more and more difficult to stay up to date as the days are filled with classes, homework, socializing, and all that jazz. Plus, the days are just flying by!

Wednesday was my heavy club day. Beforehand I walked to the Museum of London Docklands for a field trip for my Community and Culture Course. We got to learn about sugar and the British slave trade, which was really interesting. Later on I went to the Baking Society. Though I hadn’t had a chance to bake anything, there was plenty for me to help eat!

An amazing three layer cake from baking society!
An amazing three layer cake from baking society!

I was surprised that I was the only study abroad student there. I started speaking with a few students and they were completely in love with my accent. It was strange. I’m used to there being too many American study abroad students and everyone being sick of the American accent and hating the U.S. And then to have some students fawning over my accent. It

The prize from the Baking Club Quiz game!
The prize from the Baking Club Quiz game!

was a different experience.

There was a baking knowledge quiz, and my team won! They gave each of us a gift. I unwrapped mine to find 6 silicon muffin cups. They are so cute and I’m sure to use them soon!

The biggest news of the day was the first session of the Ballroom Society. I was nervous and excited for it, as Ballroom was a huge part of my social scene back in Claremont, and I was hoping I’d be able to get back into the swing of things here. Pun not intended (teehee). Michael was late to the lesson, so I, in all my study abroad American accent wonderfulness, had to take charge. I put on my shoes, plugged my phone into the audio system (I had already preloaded ballroom songs for the evenings since I have a nice iTunes library organized by dance), and called everyone’s attention.

Part of it was me stalling for time, and hoping that what I said wasn’t complete rubbish. Because Michael is really running the club, not me. I didn’t know his intentions for the evening or anything. So I had everyone go around and introduce themselves and what sort of dance experience they had. I gave the whole spiel about how leads are a traditionally male role and follows female, but it doesn’t really matter. And then Mo walked in.

Mo used to run the Ballroom society but handed it over to Michael this year. However, he’s still helping out with lessons as Michael doesn’t know Latin too well. It turns out Michael *hadn’t* told Mo about my existence and how I was going to be helping out with the club. So he was standing in the corner for 5 minutes wondering:

  1. Who is this girl?
  2. Why does she have an American accent?
  3. Am I in the wrong room?

I went over and introduced myself as soon as possible and was relieved that I could pass on some of the duties to him, since he knew how he wanted to be running the lesson and all. It was a bit of a stressful night, but it went well overall. However, I was basically helping to teach for two straight hours in addition to handling logistics and latecomers. It was exhausting.

Afterwards a group of us went to Wetherspoon’s, a local pub, for drinks. I grabbed us a table while everyone ordered. I insisted tap water was fine, but everyone else insisted I should at least get juice. Michael got me a J2O, which was actually really good. Think of it as a fancier fruit juice. I was so happy to go to sleep after all this!


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