Blood Moon Eclipse & Classes

Sadly the Blood Moon Eclipse was the morning of my first lecture. But it’s such a rare event I knew I had to wake up for it. So I set my alarm for 3:00am with the plan of bundling up in a gazillion layers and heading to the nearby park to setup my camera and tripod. But it turned out I could see the eclipse from my window!! So I just setup my camera on the windowsill. The pictures aren’t as good as if they were taken outside, and the moon went behind a tree during totality, but they’re better than nothing!

My first lecture of the day was at 1pm, called “Creating Interactive Objects”. We’ll be learning how to use the Arduino and then developing an individual project. The final project is a group project, and previous students have done things like create a jacket for bicyclists that lights up led’s to show which direction they are turning to improve biker safety. Sadly the lab for this class is during my Interaction Design lecture on Fridays, but I asked the professor and I can do the labs on my own and get them checked off during the last hour of lab when I’m actually free. Thank goodness! I was surprised by how many associates (or study abroad) students there were in the class. Like half the class is study abroad students.

I ran back to my room to get a snack and rest before my next lecture at 4pm called “Management of Design”. That is a giant class, like 230 students. We’re split into groups of 5 or 6 for the coursework. The course is centered around a giant design project where we prototype and develop a business plan for a toy that will inspire Key Stage 2 children to study STEMS. We’ll need to research the target audience and do a lot of work to figure it out. Essentially it seems like a mini clinic (Clinic was my senior project that I completed my junior year so I could study abroad this year). The lecturer was really great and I learned a lot even from the first lecture, but it was a lot to absorb. I should probably re-read the slides at some point and try to memorize the design principles. Or I could catch up on my blog….

Directly after class I ran upstairs for the Harry Potter Society. We had our Sorting Ceremony. There were so many of us! We had taken the sorting quiz online

The Sorting Hat Ceremony took place in a classroom.
The Sorting Hat Ceremony took place in a classroom.

before arriving, and then we were called out one by one to sit on a stool. A member held the sorting hat above our head and then called out our house. I was expecting Ravenclaw, as I’m a complete Ravenclaw and was sorted there by Pottermore, which is the official quiz. However, they put me in Gryffindor.

Chocolate frogs for snacks!
Chocolate frogs for snacks!

Interesting. There will be opportunities to win house points throughout the semester, and you know I’m going to do everything in my power for Gryffindor to win the House Cup!



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