Walking Ridiculous Distances for Fun

Today was a pretty emotional day for private reasons, but I made it through. We had our last orientation session with QMUL which covered adding and dropping courses, and also a bunch of legal things regarding our student status.

The only photo I took today detailing all inductions I needed to do for the EECS department.
The only photo I took today detailing all inductions I needed to do for the EECS department.

So now I’m scared about leaving the country to explore Europe because then I have to reapply for my student visa. Yayyy complicated things. After I went to QMotion to join the gym. Unfortunately it is subscription based. We’re spoiled at the 5C’s with amazing free facilities (I mean, we pay enough with tuition anyways). I thought I would still have energy, but at that point I was tired and hungry and headed back to my room where I crashed for a while. I tried to be productive and go through some photos in Lightroom in preparation for updating my blog, but I was just too tired and emotional and so it ended up failing. I was supposed to go to my first Community and Culture Course with IFSA-Butler at their home office in downtown London, but I knew I couldn’t handle it. I emailed the professor and she was understanding of my situation.

Originally I was going to explore London with Michael after the C&C session, but I’m glad I decided to stay home as he was really busy with preparations for the Fresher’s Fair (club fair) for Wednesday and so he was late even getting to my flat. He popped by briefly and borrowed my student ID card so he could join other ballroom peeps in the library to print out pamphlets. I forgot that my room key was also attached, meaning I was kind of stuck in my flat since I had no way to reenter. In the meantime I forced myself to cook up my ground turkey and I roasted some cauliflower, which I then consumed as my dinner (the rest of my meals that day included a bit too much chocolate…) I called him about that and met up with him at the library to get my key and just take a walk. He surprised me by popping out and saying he would go on a short walk with me as a break. We walked alongside the canal and then around the pond in Victoria Park. The canal is really beautiful. Sorry for not taking photos, it wasn’t really that type of day.

The edge of the canal was lined with canal boats that people actually live in. They can just take canals up and down the city and explore it. However, though pretty, they’re really small, so I wouldn’t want to live in one. Michael had to get back to club preparations, so we walked partway back to campus and then split up. I wanted to keep walking, and apparently it was a straight shot to Westfield Stratford (the mall I had gone to before with my flatmates) so I decided to walk there. Michael said it was a 15-20 minute walk for him. Yeah, that’s so not true for me. He’s way too tall so he walks faster. It took me over 30 minutes to get there. I fast walked the whole way and it was nice having some time alone and also getting to explore the mall on my own. Though I enjoy hanging out with other friends at the mall, I really needed time to figure out what was there on my own since I’m unfamiliar with their shops. I found little health foods shop where there were Cacao Nibs that weren’t too exorbitantly overpriced. So I caved and got some. Michael had finished up with club things a little earlier, and was going to meet me, but I didn’t want to turn around and walk back towards Queen Mary just told him to catch up. We ended up meeting at the Waitrose (a fancy grocery store) and then walked a little more around the mall, stopped in Boots for some rubbing alcohol (cause I like the ability to disinfect things), and then took the tube back home. It was sweet of him to have walked all that way just to get to me. He knew I wasn’t feeling the best and needed support, but I think I upset him a little bit with tiny things. Like hanging up the phone on him quickly when the cashier suddenly appeared at the cash register. And mispronouncing Waitrose.


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