Basic Crepes

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Crepes are incredibly useful. They can be savory or sweet. Typically the distinction is whether or not they use sugar, meaning this recipe is designated as “savory”. Add about 2 Tbs of sugar to make sweet crepes.

Some of my favorite filling include Nutella¬†and strawberries, or chicken teriyaki (Trader Joe’s Chicken Teriyaki, sweet corn, lettuce, and cheese). You don’t need to flip over the crepes partway through. If you’d like you can. Flipping makes both sides browned and crispy as opposed to more doughy. However, you’ll be adding filling anyways, so no one will notice if the center is slightly doughier than the exterior.

As usual, this is not my recipe, but adapted from an AllRecipes recipe. I highly recommend using All Recipes as a tool for finding new recipes, or even learning how to make certain dishes. Just make sure that they’ve been reviewed at least 50 times or so, and read the comments for tips on how to improve the recipe!


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