The tube is what I’ll use to get around London. It’s basically like a subway system, divided into zones. The closest station to Queen Mary is Mile End, which is unfortunately in Zone 2, meaning a slightly more expensive fare to get to the heart of London. Because I’m enrolled for at least 14 weeks, I can apply for the

18+ Student Oyster photocard

which gives me 30% off fares! Woohoo!

Off-Peak: Travel after 9:30am M-F, and all day Saturday + Sunday

Capping: Once the cost of your journeys reaches a certain amount, you won’t have to pay for anymore journeys. This occurs if you’re tapping in, not using a prepaid travelcard.

Tube Prices

 Single Capping  Travelcards  
PeakOff-PeakDaily AnytimeDaily Off-PeakMonday to SundayDay AnytimeDay Off-PeakMonthly
Zone 1-2£2.90£2.30£6.40£6.40£32.10£12.00£12.00£123.30
Zone 1-3£3.30£2.80£7.50£7.50£37.70£12.00£12.00£144.80

Note: These are the non-discounted prices. A table summarizing Adult 2015 prices can be found here.


If you’re between 16 and 25 or a full-time student, you can apply for a

Student Railcard

that gives you 30% train fairs for one year! It costs £30.

Of course there are also buses and planes, but I’m not going to worry about those right now because they don’t have any student cards I need to apply for at the beginning of my study abroad trip.


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