Chocolate Créme Anglaise Sauce

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Chocolate Créme Anglaise is a custard version of hot fudge. It’s made by tempering egg yolks and adding other essentials like sugar, chocolate. A lot of chocolate. This recipe works perfectly with the Chocolate Soufflé recipe, using up 3 extra egg yolks, and providing a wonderful sauce to eat with your warm soufflé.

This is an extremely flexible recipe, one that should be made to your taste. In fact, this is a modified Epicurious Créme Anglaise recipe. You can use heavy whipping cream, milk, soymilk, etc. The liquid and the % milkfat is really up to you. Experiment around and find what you prefer. I typically use 1 cup 2% milk instead of heavy cream, since the sauce is pretty rich already from the egg yolks. Of course, going with the heavy cream will make it taste better, so use your judgement.

If you want a creamier sauce, put it through a strainer before serving. This will get rid of any little egg bits that are the result of thickening the sauce slightly too long (something I always tend to do).


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