My Fallback Plan: Chocolate Soufflé

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Soufflé is a fancy restaurant’s best kept secret. The name sounds complex. The waiters inform guests that it requires 30 minutes to be prepared. It is common knowledge that one must not jump up and down in the kitchen while it is cooking for fear of a deflated soufflé. But guess what?

It’s really easy to make. Let’s count off the ingredients:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Eggs (separated)
  3. Sugar

Ta-da! And you have created a dessert that all will envy. So don’t let the soufflé scare you. Come. Try it out. It won’t bite. I promise!

I’ve come up with the perfect recipe combination for you. I like to use this Chocolate Soufflé recipe from epicurious, but you end up with extra egg whites. Solution? Pair it with my Chocolate Créme Anglaise sauce, which is like a rich egg custard. But don’t worry, I’m going to include both recipes down below since I’ve slightly modified them so that you can make them just about anywhere. Seriously. Even if you don’t have a blender or mixer, you can still make Soufflé, it’ll just be a little flatter than normal. But still DELICIOUS.



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