Welcome to my recipe blog and portfolio, documenting my culinary adventures and design projects! Also the home of my Fall 2015 Study Abroad blog archive.
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I 3D printed and coded a mechanical flower that furls and unfurls its petals to represent the 24 hours in a day. The lights change color to represent the temperature of ambient light present at that time of day.
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I've found it. A healthy brownie recipe that tastes so rich that I'm trying to prevent myself from eating them all at once. You must try this recipe!

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A website aimed at providing everyone with the tools to become a renaissance man/woman. Posts are structured into How-To's, to give you a starting place for delving into a subject, and Projects, which are sample applications for you to reinforce those skills.

Science, Art, Engineering, Humanities, Cooking: each of these are connected. All you need is interest and passion; I provide the pixie dust to get those gears whirling!

This experiment is a product of my life's dilemma: determining my specialty when I want to do all the things! So I'm here to share my knowledge and passion for independent learning.

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Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm an engineer and crafter who loves to do a bit of everything and wants to share and discover new topics with you.

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